Who says you can't have it all? Affordable yet fashionable decorative prints.


A couple years ago I wanted to redecorate and create a gallery wall in my living room. I could picture exactly what I wanted -- something whimsical yet modern, preppy, and colorful. I scoured the internet but, unfortunately, everything I loved was well out of my price range.

As a graduate student pursuing her PhD in history, I couldn't afford to spend $50 or more per art print. Fortunately, before I became a historian, I was a painter and graphic designer. I decided to put my skills to work and create my own prints. I shared my creations on my blog and with my family, and everyone encouraged me to sell them.

I create and then digitize my art so that each piece can be printed on Kodak Endura matte photo paper. While my art work is original, digitizing my creations and printing them on photo paper instead of fine art paper or canvas (which, once framed, is not even noticeable) means they are completely affordable! It also means I can offer the same print in a variety of affordable sizes.

In the process of all of this something wonderful happened -- people started purchasing my prints and my little Etsy store grew into a business. A business that now helps to fund my graduate degree and pay down my student loans. It has also become an important creative outlet and place of expression.

Thank you so much for stopping by and since this is a labor of love, I am happy to collaborate and customize your prints. Just send me a message!

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